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Caesar Salad

Chopped romaine lettuce and seasoned croutons, with dressing mixed in.

Chef's Salad

Made fresh to order. Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, hardboiled egg, and assorted rolled cold cuts and cheeses

Cobb Salad

Tomato, red onions, peppers, bacon, hard boiled egg, avocado

Greek Salad

Made to order. Fresh mixed greens, tomato, red onion, feta cheese, and black olives with your choice of dressing on the side.

Potato Salad

8oz serving

Chicken Salad

4oz serving

Macaroni Salad

8oz serving

Cole Slaw

8oz serving

Tuna Salad

4oz serving

Fresh Deli Salads: Crisp, Flavorful Creations

Fresh Deli Salads: Crisp, Flavorful Creations
Looking for fresh deli salads? Our menu features a variety of options, including classic Caesar, Greek, and chef's salads. Enjoy a healthy and delicious meal with our signature salads made with the freshest ingredients. Whether you're a vegetarian or a meat lover, we have the perfect salad for you.

Convenient Deli Salad Delivery and Pickup Options

Convenient Deli Salad Delivery and Pickup Options
Enjoy deli salad delivery and pickup. Try our classic Caesar or Cobb salad. Convenient options for busy days. Order online for quick delivery. Or swing by for easy pickup. Fresh, flavorful salads ready to enjoy.

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