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Split Pea Soup

Made fresh from scratch daily. (vegetarian)

Chicken Noodle Soup

Lentil Soup

Delicious Chicken Soup and More

Delicious Chicken Soup and More
Warm up with our hearty Chicken Soup. Made with tender chicken, fresh vegetables, and savory broth, it's a comforting classic. Pair it with a deli sandwich or enjoy it on its own for a satisfying meal. Perfect for a chilly day or whenever you need a nourishing pick-me-up.

Convenient Deli Delivery and Pickup Options

Convenient Deli Delivery and Pickup Options
Craving deli favorites? Enjoy our deli's classics from the comfort of your home with our convenient delivery and pickup options. Indulge in our mouthwatering chicken soup, pastrami sandwiches, and fresh salads. Order online for a hassle-free experience and savor the flavors of our deli cuisine at your own table.

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